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Keeping in Touch, By a Serial Expat

I suck at keeping in touch. This post is a sort of apology to my friends and family all over the place who I am horrible at communicating with. My roommate in Ecuador was always on Skype with her people back home, and it did occur to me that it is probably shitty that I rarely do that.

Friends and family, I think about you all the time. I really do. A song or a smell can send me straight into a memory with loved ones. I think about the implications that living abroad has on my relationships often. Ultimately, I've got to find what feels good for me, and that just so happens to be living abroad right now.

Whatsapp keeps these girls together 
The 12 hour time difference and not having a facebook makes keeping in touch much more difficult, but there is always good old fashioned email. Whatsapp has been great as well, as I have group chats on there with my girls from home, my university chicks, and my Ecualadies.

Brazil, Mexico, Australia, can't keep track of these awesome ladies!!

Two Views of Victoria Harbour

Friday night started off with me on a boat trip around Victoria Harbour with some friends, and the view was absolutely stunning. Coming out of a week with non-stop thunderstorms, we were lucky that the skies cleared up for the most part and provided really perfect weather for taking in the scenery and hanging out on the deck of a boat.

View from our boat trip around Victoria Harbour
The following morning I hiked up Victoria Peak with a friend for a different view of the harbour. Looking down at it all from above is even more stunning, if that is possible. I can't get over how naturally beautiful Hong Kong is. Whenever I do a hike that goes high above sea level, it's a good reminder that I am living in a tropical paradise island setting here. It's easy to forget that sometimes, living downtown in Central.

With my buddy Agatha hiking up the peak over Victoria Harbour
For any visitors to Hong Kong, I urge you to get out of the 'city' and check out some of the trails and…

Finding Peace in Hong Kong

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city, it's important to find small grounding moments of peace and serenity. I've been noticing a tranquil beauty here lately that I really appreciate. Hong Kong can be wild, but it can also provide small moments of calm, when everything seems to slow down and fall into place.

Indulging in a quiet morning curled up on my windowsill
I find these little grace notes all over the place. Maybe it's a Sunday afternoon and I decide to spend it in the library, taking in the scent of old books and the sound of whispering and pages turning. Maybe it's a Saturday morning and I throw open the windows and lay on my windowsill and read comic books all day. Maybe it's a bacon sandwich in the gardens near my house. Or the flowers in bloom in front of my local bakery. Or a day at the beach with my friends, basking in the sunshine.
How beautiful is the old architecture in Hong Kong?
One of my favorite places in the city 
I really do love this city…

My Yoga Retreat in the Philippines

I recently spent a life changing week at Bahay Kalipay, an intentional community and healing center on Palawan Island in the Philippines. BK is what you make of it. It could be a detox program, a yoga and wellness routine, a therapeutic experience, or a schooling in energy and meditation. It’s an extremely reasonably priced all inclusive getaway- but not a resort spa. They do have healing massages, but it’s not an environment where you can expect pampering and luxury.
The whole group of guests and volunteers when I visited
I felt healthier than I have in years during my week at Bahay Kalipay. They only serve raw food, which was surprisingly diverse and creative. Each bite of a raw food meal feels good going down, as if your body is thanking you for taking care of it. Without the distractions of caffeine, processed food, shopping and makeup, addictions, crushes, cigarettes, alcohol, technology, and all else superficial, not only does your natural self shine through, but also some deep …