Keeping in Touch, By a Serial Expat

I suck at keeping in touch. This post is a sort of apology to my friends and family all over the place who I am horrible at communicating with. My roommate in Ecuador was always on Skype with her people back home, and it did occur to me that it is probably shitty that I rarely do that.

Friends and family, I think about you all the time. I really do. A song or a smell can send me straight into a memory with loved ones. I think about the implications that living abroad has on my relationships often. Ultimately, I've got to find what feels good for me, and that just so happens to be living abroad right now.

Whatsapp keeps these girls together 

The 12 hour time difference and not having a facebook makes keeping in touch much more difficult, but there is always good old fashioned email. Whatsapp has been great as well, as I have group chats on there with my girls from home, my university chicks, and my Ecualadies.

Brazil, Mexico, Australia, can't keep track of these awesome ladies!!

Since moving abroad, I've always managed to make it home two or three times a year, but now most of my friends have dispersed all over the planet (Chicago, San Fran, Moscow, Utrecht, NYC, etc!) so I never quite know who I will get to bump into back in Florida. I am lucky that I get a lot of vacations as a teacher, which gives me the opportunity to visit people, but globe-trotting can really add up, especially when I have to fly back and forth between Hong Kong and Florida a couple of times a year.

Miss these beauties all the time

Just because we aren't Tallatrashy anymore doesn't 
mean we don't still love each other

So, what's the point of all this? I just want to get it out there: I am trying. Trying my hardest to be a good friend/relative, but it just isn't always that easy from a distance. I love it when my people reach out to me and shoot me a friendly email or message, so please keep those coming, and I will try to log onto Skype more than once a month!


  1. Thanks for this post! I thought I was the only one who was terrible at keeping in touch... I hate skype, and I am ashamed to say how f'n hard it is to talk to my mom/dad/stephan on a week to week basis. Anyhow, they know that I have them in my thoughts... nonetheless I am sure the tables will turn at some point. Miss you MckTaaaangalicious <3 Princess

    1. Yep Marpymarp I think of you all the time! Thank goodness for Whatsapp. Love ya!


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