Two Views of Victoria Harbour

Friday night started off with me on a boat trip around Victoria Harbour with some friends, and the view was absolutely stunning. Coming out of a week with non-stop thunderstorms, we were lucky that the skies cleared up for the most part and provided really perfect weather for taking in the scenery and hanging out on the deck of a boat.

View from our boat trip around Victoria Harbour

The following morning I hiked up Victoria Peak with a friend for a different view of the harbour. Looking down at it all from above is even more stunning, if that is possible. I can't get over how naturally beautiful Hong Kong is. Whenever I do a hike that goes high above sea level, it's a good reminder that I am living in a tropical paradise island setting here. It's easy to forget that sometimes, living downtown in Central.

With my buddy Agatha hiking up the peak over Victoria Harbour

For any visitors to Hong Kong, I urge you to get out of the 'city' and check out some of the trails and beaches we have. Lamma Island, Dragon's Back, and Sai Kung Country Park are all great day trips, but there are also literally dozens of others to choose from. Hong Kong is very multidimensional, but it often isn't portrayed that way.


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