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Airbnb in Japan

For a one week trip around Japan, my mom and I decided to give Airbnb a try for most of our accommodations. She was hesitant, but went ahead and booked a couple places in Tokyo and Kyoto. I definitely should have taken the lead on this because I learned pretty quickly my mom did not know to read the reviews or directions on the apartment listings.

Overall, the apartments were fine. In Tokyo we stayed right in the heart of Shibuya, walking distance from everything we wanted to see or do. In Kyoto, our apartment was more out in the suburbs, nearby the famous Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Japanese apartments are very small but efficient, with small pods and nooks for the kitchens and bathrooms.

Typical bathroom pod in Japan- Feels like space camp!
The Kyoto apartment had great wifi, the Tokyo apartment did not. The Tokyo apartment had beds, the Kyoto did not. Yes, you heard me right. NO BEDS! To our dismay, we arrived in Kyoto and the apartment had two mats on the floor. This wasn't w…

Finishing my First Year in Hong Kong

My first year in Hong Kong is coming to a close. I have grown so much personally and professionally, and I’m constantly grateful for this opportunity. In the spring of 2013, I knew I wanted to leave Ecuador, but I was convinced that I had to get to Western Europe. My current school director actually reached out to me at a job fair, and I agreed to an interview simply for the experience, because I really had no interest in living in Asia. 24 hours later, I had signed a contract to live in Hong Kong for 2 years!
I treated myself to a night's staycation at a fancy hotel in Hong  Kong this weekend to wind down the year
Trying to squeeze in as much time with these crazies  as possible before I leave for summer
I’ve eaten stinky tofu and ridden on a junk around Victoria Harbour. I’ve made an awesome group of friends who are actually more like a family to me. I have visited both the Philippines and Thailand, and I am going to Japan in a week. The school I work at is extremely high-achieving…

Get Your Nerd On in HK

Hong Kong has a couple of American style comic book stores over in Causeway Bay that I just explored today for the first time! They are on Sugar Street in Causeway Bay, near the public library and Ikea.

This is the nondescript entrance to the basement with all  the comic book stores in Causeway Bay Shopping Centre
I've been on a comic book binge lately- Guardians of the Galaxy, Sandman, Serenity, Saga, Walking Dead, FreakAngels, Buffy, Y: The Last Man, Locke and Key, and my favorite of all- Chew. Truthfully, I torrent most of them for free because if I actually purchased every comic I wanted to read I would go bankrupt. I decided to purchase a couple issues from each series I read to support the authors, using the comiXology app on my iPad, but still wanted to physically flip through a couple of comics every now and then.

My loot from today- can't wait to dig in!
Metro Comics in Causeway Bay had pretty much every series I was looking for (as well as a huge stock of every DC and Mar…