Finishing my First Year in Hong Kong

My first year in Hong Kong is coming to a close. I have grown so much personally and professionally, and I’m constantly grateful for this opportunity. In the spring of 2013, I knew I wanted to leave Ecuador, but I was convinced that I had to get to Western Europe. My current school director actually reached out to me at a job fair, and I agreed to an interview simply for the experience, because I really had no interest in living in Asia. 24 hours later, I had signed a contract to live in Hong Kong for 2 years!

I treated myself to a night's staycation at a fancy hotel in Hong 
Kong this weekend to wind down the year

Trying to squeeze in as much time with these crazies 
as possible before I leave for summer

I’ve eaten stinky tofu and ridden on a junk around Victoria Harbour. I’ve made an awesome group of friends who are actually more like a family to me. I have visited both the Philippines and Thailand, and I am going to Japan in a week. The school I work at is extremely high-achieving, professional, and positive, with tons of opportunities for professional growth. I get summers off to travel and visit people, and plenty of random holidays throughout the year to do the same. What a wonderful life!

A final girl's brunch before we all head off for summer

Got to show my mom around Hong Kong last week- 
we are off to Japan together next week!

Who knows what the future holds? I’m just looking ahead to summer, which will include trips to Japan, Florida, Cincinnati, and Chicago. I’m not really sure when the next time I will go back to the States will be after this summer trip, so I have to make the most out of my time with friends and family back home. This first year has just flown by, but I still have one more week of school before I can call it a wrap.


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