Get Your Nerd On in HK

Hong Kong has a couple of American style comic book stores over in Causeway Bay that I just explored today for the first time! They are on Sugar Street in Causeway Bay, near the public library and Ikea.

This is the nondescript entrance to the basement with all 
the comic book stores in Causeway Bay Shopping Centre

I've been on a comic book binge lately- Guardians of the Galaxy, Sandman, Serenity, Saga, Walking Dead, FreakAngels, Buffy, Y: The Last Man, Locke and Key, and my favorite of all- Chew. Truthfully, I torrent most of them for free because if I actually purchased every comic I wanted to read I would go bankrupt. I decided to purchase a couple issues from each series I read to support the authors, using the comiXology app on my iPad, but still wanted to physically flip through a couple of comics every now and then.

My loot from today- can't wait to dig in!

Metro Comics in Causeway Bay had pretty much every series I was looking for (as well as a huge stock of every DC and Marvel character you could want), although not always the right issues or volumes. The guy behind the desk was really helpful and looked up a few comics for me and told me they could special order the next issue and let me know when it arrives. The store next door, Clarks Comics, was closed when I was there, but I definitely plan on returning.

Metro Comics from the outside

It was pretty small inside but they had wall 
to wall comics and a great selection

So if you want super hero action figures or costumes, comic books galore, graphic novels, head over to that basement on Sugar Street where your nerdy dreams will come true!

On a happy side note: Produbanco (my old Ecuadorian bank) has been systematically fucking around me with for the last week and holding onto my tax return (some 1200 US dollars) by cancelling my debit card, saying my signature was a forgery, and blocking me from wiring money internationally to my US account. I FINALLY sorted it out today and managed to send home the majority of that money and I am done! Fucking done! This was the last piece of assholery that country was going to put me through and now I NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH ECUADOR AGAAAAIIINNNN. This bank account was the last little attachment I had to that country, and now I feel such a release of stress. Freedom!


  1. I love that you can find anything in HK! Enjoy your comics! Also, congrats on having your ties to Ecuador severed! I am TRYING SO HARD! It's harder to leave this country, in terms of bureaucratic nonsense, than it is to come in! ARG! I look forward to how happy I will be when it is all over (1 year from now? 5 years from now? Who knows.)

    1. Mostly I want to sever all the negative ties and bad memories, because I genuinely want to remember the good stuff (and there was plenty of good stuff I know I will look back fondly on someday!)


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