Summer in Florida

Teaching abroad means lots of summer travel opportunities. I've used past summers to go on adventures (like volunteering in Guatemala or traveling in Israel), but when I started thinking about this summer, I realized I just wanted to kick back in Florida with my friends and family. After a one week stint in Japan, I arrived in Southwest Florida, ready to relax for a month.

Cuddle puddle with some friends from home 

My grandma, mom, and me

Being home this last month has been surprisingly fun! I've been catching up with old friends, spending time with my family, and eating all my favorite meals from home. Summer time means lots of parties and fun nights out.

Me with my two brothers

Fancy night out in Naples with some girlfriends

I even got to play tourist in my own state when a couple of friends from Hong Kong were passing through. I convinced them to stay in South Florida for an extra day of their road trip and visit Everglades City for an airboat tour of the mangroves. Our guide was named Captain Mo and he was a real character. Getting to see alligators up close in the wild never grows old.

Airboat tour of the Everglades

I really appreciate that I have amazing people in my life, in Florida and around the world as well, and always look forward to coming home. Florida was just stop one of my trip across the States this summer. Next up: Cincinnati and Chicago!

Friends since the age of 14, out on Fort Myers Beach


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