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Love in the Midwest

After a month in Florida and some sad goodbyes, I was off to Cincinnati and Chicago.

First stop: Cincinnati, Ohio.
This is the town where my dad grew up, and most of his family still lives in the area. I hadn't been back in 5 years, so I knew my time to go back was way overdue. Like many cold cities, Cincinnati shines in the summertime. My week there was all barbecues and food festivals and baseball games and beer!

Over the Rhine Food Fest
Family Fun- the biggest slingshot I've ever seen
The Great American Ball Park
With my cousins at a Reds game
Next stop: Chicago, Illinois.
One of my favorite cities in the US (probably because I haven't visited in the winter)! Two of my best friends from college live there now, and my roommate from Ecuador was back for the summer so I had lots of visiting to do. I was so overwhelmed with love and good food in Chicago I thought I might burst.

Love these girls so so so much- On an architectural boat tour of Chicago
On top of the John Hancock Center…