Glasses With a Conscience

I've blogged about Warby Parker in the past because I'm a sucker for ethically-minded companies and try to support them whenever possible. Not only is Warby Parker a business with a conscience- their glasses are freakin' adorable as well!

 Frames from the new fall collection

How does it work? You buy a pair of glasses online- frames start at $95. You can try them on virtually or do a free home trial with a pair of frames if you aren't sure. The new Fall Collection is smart and stylish, so check that out here. I personally love the Greenleaf frames and can totally picture wearing them while curled up on a couch in the library with a piping hot cup of coffee and some Jeanette Winterson novels stacked up around me. The Durand frames are a personal fave as well, as they look a little more delicate and suited to my pixie tendencies.

Once you've made your purchase, Warby Parker uses some of the proceeds to fund training for vision specialists in 35 different developing countries. Low income men and women have the opportunity to share the gift of vision with their communities by offering eye exams and affordable corrective lenses. This is much more sustainable than simply donating glasses, and I wish more companies could follow their lead in this regard.

Not just for ladies-
The men's frames are super flattering

This is a company after my own heart. As someone who has struggled with vision problems my entire life (I've worn glasses and contacts since the age of 5), I know that I've been fortunate enough to always be able to afford corrective lenses. Vision for me has always been accessible, and other than the occasional contact popping out at an inopportune time, my vision deficiency has never really held me back. If I can buy adorable, affordable frames, and help spread optical capabilities to others, count me in! Thanks, Warby Parker!

These glasses are just too cute


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