A Week in Taiwan

I got back yesterday from Taiwan and I wanted to try a little something new on this trip. Instead of taking pictures, I filmed my way around the country and made this little video.

Taiwan doesn't seem to be high on the Asian travel circuit, but it really does pack a whole lot into a tiny island nation. And the food! Ahhh the food. Beef noodle soup and street dumplings and mango shaved ice and minced pork rice and grilled corn and bubble tea and the list goes on. You'll notice that about half the footage in the video above is just us stuffing our faces.

Taiwan was an incredibly beautiful, big-hearted country, and the people were so warm and welcoming. We were invited to eat free street sausages with a family sharing dinner at a night market, taxi drivers wanted to know our life stories, a local temple invited us to march in a parade with them. I wouldn't say it was the most exciting place I've ever been, but traveling in Taiwan was easy, relaxing, and a true cultural experience.

I sometimes think about how I am able to have so many amazing travel experiences, those special moments where people invite you into their homes or take the time to share their lives with you. It doesn't hurt having a big smile on your face at all times, of course! Radiating positivity is a big part of that. I try to exude positive energy and people really do pick up on it (...I hope).


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