The Nomad's Nomad by Luke Armstrong

I was super excited to hear recently that my friend Luke wrote a book, because he is one of the best storytellers I know. It’s a collection of short stories about his travels around the world, and Luke’s strong voice and huge personality really shine through. When I say that Luke is a character, I mean it in the best way possible, because it's a character you'd wish you known longer and you always wish you had more time with. It's a character that makes an awesome guide for a series of adventures assembled into a book.

I spent an awesome summer living with these guys, and yes-
Luke, Ray and I went out drinking in these getups one night

I am pretty much constantly anxious to hit the road, and  Luke’s stories about travel were so vivid that it was almost ok that I was reading them while stuck on a public bus on my dreary commute to work. The book had me genuinely laughing out loud as I was reading it. Luke writes about smuggling cigarettes and insects, almost getting arrested in Kenya, getting attacked by a raccoon clearly possessed by a demon, and still has some touching moments along the way. The stories feel like extended blog posts and they whip you around the world, which is appropriate considering Luke writes a really great blog.

I think had anyone else written this book, it would have seemed like fiction, but knowing Luke, it’s all real. This is a guy who hired a mariachi band to follow his friends around on a pub crawl of Antigua, my roommate who used to convince the police to give us a ride home in the back of their trucks when we were too drunk and/or broke to figure out a tuk tuk. Oh, Luke. Luke once made me pretend to be a journalist so we could sneak into a Guatemalan circus so he could flirt with the contortionist. If any of these antics sound exciting to you, check out his book The Nomad’s Nomad over at Amazon. 


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