Settling Down

I recently renewed my contract in Hong Kong for another two years and it was a frightening experience for me. I’m a nomad- the idea of two months without visiting a new country is daunting for fuck’s sake. I've got this itch deep down to live big and to adventure and explore and grow and it’s difficult to imagine those things being possible when I am choosing to stay in one place for four years.

At this rate, I will most likely spend my 20s abroad. I’m not so much worried about missing out on that experience back in the States of a being a poor twenty-something with loads of fun roommates and a neighborhood bar and weddings to attend, but it’s just that I thought I would either be in Europe by now, or in NYC getting my PhD. But I ended up in Hong Kong, and now I’m making the choice to remain here for a substantial amount of time.

Look, life here is good; can you blame me? My friends are lovely and kick-ass and super tight, my job is exhausting but exciting, the city is vibrant, safe, and active. There’s not really any one thing I can put my finger on and say, ‘this is why I need to go,’ it’s just that this stupid travel itch wants me to avoid settling like the plague. But maybe someday I am going to want a cute flat with a million bookshelves and be part of a community and have a cabinet full of whiskey and a pet and dinner parties and I just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when that urge kicks in.

The thing is, I have a feeling that I’m going to be really good at settling down someday. I’m great at setting up a routine of cooking for myself and collecting vintage books and nesting and getting to know all the familiar faces in my neighborhood. My life in Hong Kong suits me for now though, and I still need to visit Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Korea, and New Zealand before I can leave Asia. So another two years it is. Cheers, Hong Kong! the meantime, where to next?


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