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Weekends in Hong Kong

As much as I love my job here in Hong Kong, I still look forward to the weekend with my friends like any normal human being. While Hong Kong has a lot to offer every night of the week, I'm a bit of a homebody on weeknights partially because of my hermit tendencies and partially because of my early teaching schedule. I save my madness for the weekend.

Friday night family hotpot to get the weekend started right
I love that I can go nuts with my friends at a happy hour and tear up a dance floor in a basement club until 7 AM, or I can take it easy and hit the trails hiking super early on a Saturday. I can hop over to an island for the afternoon and lay in the sand for a few hours, or I can do a booze infused brunch with girlfriends. Where else can you start your weekend with some family hotpot and end it with a dim sum feast overlooking the harbour?

Hiking a bit of the Wilson Trail and stumbling  across the Iron Man house
El Botellón in LKF amphitheater was a free  wine-themed block party