Weekends in Hong Kong

As much as I love my job here in Hong Kong, I still look forward to the weekend with my friends like any normal human being. While Hong Kong has a lot to offer every night of the week, I'm a bit of a homebody on weeknights partially because of my hermit tendencies and partially because of my early teaching schedule. I save my madness for the weekend.

Friday night family hotpot to get the weekend started right

I love that I can go nuts with my friends at a happy hour and tear up a dance floor in a basement club until 7 AM, or I can take it easy and hit the trails hiking super early on a Saturday. I can hop over to an island for the afternoon and lay in the sand for a few hours, or I can do a booze infused brunch with girlfriends. Where else can you start your weekend with some family hotpot and end it with a dim sum feast overlooking the harbour?

Hiking a bit of the Wilson Trail and stumbling 
across the Iron Man house

El Botellón in LKF amphitheater was a free 
wine-themed block party

My only issue with Hong Kong weekends is that people here hit the bottle hard. Hangovers are all too common, as are scrubbing a passport's worth of stamps off my arm in the morning while cleaning out piles of drink receipts from my bag. It's easy to jump from free flow brunch to happy hour with friends, because life on the island is a non-stop party if you want it to be. And at this point, why not? Most of my friends are still single, and none of them have kids or any real financial obligations (mortgages, car payments, etc.). Might as well get it out of our systems now.

Some of my favorite afternoons have been spent in 
Victoria Park with friends (and my ukulele!) 

Drinks at one of my favorite happy hour joints 
in Hong Kong- Linguini Fini

I've known people in Hong Kong that have tried to stop drinking. Normally they last a few weeks and then give in to the booze infused Central district on a Friday afternoon after a particularly stressful day at work. I like to be clear headed for yoga practice on Saturday mornings, but I also love a Friday night jumping up and down on the dance floor surrounded by friends with no cares in the world, so I struggle to find balance here.

Free-flow brunch with some lovelies 

How do I stay grounded in a grown up's playground of excess and indulgence? I surround myself with good people. I take care of my body while still allowing myself to have fun without feeling guilty about it. I give myself downtime every weekend to curl up on my couch with a cup of coffee and listen to folk music and read books. If I ever start getting the urge to drink alone or rage on a weeknight maybe then I'll start reflecting on my behavior, but until that day comes I'm just gonna keep on following my bliss.


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