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Breathing Contraptions

Air quality in Hong Kong sucks. Not as bad as Beijing, but it sucks nonetheless. As a lifelong wheezy asthmatic mess, it's particularly hard on my overall well-being. My health history is basically a list of upper respiratory tract infections, walking pneumonia, asthma attacks, bronchitis, hives, sinus infections, allergic reactions and real pneumonia. Good fun! I'm also highly allergic to pollen, mold, dust, dyes, perfumes, mildew, trees, grass, and cute fluffy animals, which is normally manageable with daily anti-histamines and occasional injections of steroids to the ass when I have an allergy attack.

I identified with Chuckie Finster as a kid- We both lack a sense of smell
I've been going through a hard time this last month as I had what I thought was a cold that basically shut my body down, sent me to the hospital, and made me miss a week of work. I couldn't get better! I scrubbed every inch of my apartment and kept finding little bits of mold growing on book covers…

Attention: Solo Female Independent Travel Twenty-Something Expat Blog

Is this how I want to be advertising my blog? Well, sorta. Bookworm Vagabond, and a lot of my other favorite blogs as well (such as Adventurous Kate and Young Adventuress), would be labelled this way without any second guessing. But it's a description that only blogs written by women could use. Imagine if my life were exactly the same, but I was a man. A twenty-something, white, American man living in Hong Kong and working as a history teacher. How ridiculous would it be to label my blog in that way? ‘Solo male travel with safety dos and don'ts’, ‘An independent man and his adventures’, or ‘Twenty-something man, young and single and taking on the world!’ It’s not an accomplishment for a man to be independent. A man doesn’t need to boast that he is doing a courageous solo trip around the world, because that’s not really a big deal for a dude.

Age plays a role in what I am trying to get at as well. Only women would advertise their blog as being for 'twenty-somethings.' A…