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Camping on Grass Island

In Hong Kong, there are loads of islands and remote beaches where you can go camping, and a few weeks ago, I went with some friends to explore one island in particular- Grass Island. Our initial plan was to rent kayaks to get out there, but when we realized a kayak tournament meant they were all rented, we caught a ferry out to Tap Mun (Grass Island) from Sai Kung. 
Our camping crew for the weekend
The docks at Tap Mun
Riding on the ferry boat and arrival at the campsite
I was a bit worried, seeing as my idea of camping is to pass out drunkenly on the beach only to be woken a few hours later by the Coast Guard shining a light in my face. That counts, right? Lucky for me, camping in even the most remote locations in Hong Kong comes with some basic amenities. There were a couple seafood shacks on the island so we never even needed to use the gas cooker we brought out. 

There are a couple little seafood restaurants  right near the water on Tap Mun
It was really refreshing to escape the city f…

Filipino Birthday

This year, I had a really special birthday party in Angeles City with my family. This was my third time going to the Philippines and it grows on me with each visit. My aunt and uncle were in town, and it just so happens that my uncle's birthday is two days before mine, which meant we could celebrate together. My aunt said she would throw us a little birthday gathering. 
My aunt and uncle on the family property
Me with some of the relatives
Playtime in the cubo!
'Little birthday gathering', my ass. She invited all of her 11 siblings and their kids and there ended up being dozens of people in attendance. In true Filipino style, there was a feast to be had so we cooked all day. My aunt and her sisters went to the market at 5 AM to stock up on groceries. They threw together a huge pot of spaghetti sauce in honor of me and my uncle's Italian American heritage, which was super sweet. On top of that, there was an epic buffet with fresh grilled meat and seafood and salads and sa…