Spring Break in the States

I try to make it back to the States once a year, and last year I chose summertime for my return to Florida. Huge mistake! Summertime is the wooorrrssstt when your hometown is basically a swampland on the Gulf of Mexico. To avoid the oppressive summer heat, this year I headed back for spring break. April in Florida is ideal- hot enough for beach days, but not so hot that you burn your feet on the sand.

Some Florida thunder clouds rolling in

My Dad and I grabbing lunch in a marina

My trip took me to Georgia as well to spend time with some family. Everything looks picture perfect and Southern hospitality sure does sound as sweet as iced tea in Georgia. We took a back road to get to my uncle's house that made us drive for an hour through rural neighborhoods and historic downtown districts and it was like stepping back in time.

My brother and I in front of a Cracker Barrell

Typical Georgia home

After a weekend in Georgia, I ended up in Chicago with my girlfriends from college and we decided to take a big step in our sisterhood. Can you say friendship tattoos?! Whatup! The design we agreed upon was an intricate compass, because we have all travelled so much together and independently, and yet ultimately always find our way back to each other.

A grand reveal of the matching tattoos

Out in Chicago later that night


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