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Potential Lives

My mind is wandering as I sit on this bus driving through rural Washington state. I see a woman jogging, cute homes hidden by trees, a man riding a horse down the street, snow capped peaks in the distance, and I wonder what my life might be like here. More wholesome, perhaps. 
What sort of life might I have in this house in Astoria, Oregon?
I was wondering the same thing in Chiang Mai a few weeks ago when I realized it had a plethora of charm, bicycles, and tasty bites. Maybe it's the nature of my job; I could feasibly live and work in most places. 
Last week I visited a vegan restaurant on Sihanoukville called 'Dao of Life.' Except, it was so much more than a restaurant. It was an old house with high, grand ceilings. The rooftop had a yoga studio/movie screening room with bean bags chairs and hammocks. Kittens roamed freely, art covered each wall, and the book exchange was overflowing. I could own a place like this, I thought. 
But here in Washington, I think of this potentia…

An Evolving Traveler

I recently finished a two week tour of Thailand and Cambodia with some friends, of which I was the youngest. We are all between the ages of 26 and 30 and I couldn't help but notice small changes in the way I now travel. 
My travel style is a lot slower, and I will choose to spend five days in a place rather than whipping through cities. We added an extra day in Chiang Mai when we weren't ready to move on after two nights only, which gave us the chance to dig deeper and discover both a riverfront live music bar and try khao soi- two special experiences we would have missed out on if we were rushing on to the next spot. 
Why not take two days to explore Angkor Wat? 
Slowing down means making more authentic connections with communities as well, I think. That may mean hearing first hand stories of the survival under the Khmer Rouge from a hired driver, or researching local charities to support. I am more aware of local customs and culture when I go to a place now, and more respectfu…