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Happy Birthday to my Mom!

My mom has always been supportive of my decision to leave the United States. Not only does she not ask me when I am coming home, she comes to visit me once a year no matter where I am. This has included a trip to Guatemala, two trips to Ecuador, and two trips to Hong Kong. I know this is not normal and I so appreciate her willingness to hop on a plane to see her kid.

Portuguese eats in Macau with my mom a few months ago
The pool at our resort in Macau
September 27 is my mom's birthday. It's hard to celebrate these special moments when you are on the other side of the planet. Sending flowers AGAIN felt stale so I've decided to do something a little different this year. My mom has always had a thing for Bruce Springsteen, so I put together a special medley just for her on her birthday.


Peter Pan Syndrome

It is a modern tragedy that so many people in the expat bubble suffer from this chronic disorder. Symptoms include refusing to grow up, putting off further education, blowing a large disposable income on sins, abstaining from investing in a house or car, rejecting a walk down the aisle or familial prospects.

Hong Kong's adult playground, Lan Kwai Fong
That being said, Peter Pan Syndrome has its benefits. These include embracing spontaneous travel, choosing a new adventure each day, having time to catch up on all those back episodes of Walking Dead you’ve been putting off, indulging yourself and buying that new Kate Spade wallet you’ve had your eye on because it’s not like you have to spend your salary on your kids.

Friends from every corner of the Earth  living in an expat bubble
I am in a bubble where time stands still. My friend group varies in age by about 15 years because age doesn’t matter when we are all really at the same point in life. Single, energetic, detached, motivated p…

Refugee Solidarity March

Saturday, September 12, was the International Day of Refugee Solidarity. Here in Hong Kong the Refugee Union held a rally/march to show support not only for Syrian refugees, but also the thousands of refugees living in Hong Kong struggling to meet their basic needs. I attended with a few friends, handmade posters in tow.

Lots of community support at the rally
To be a refugee in Hong Kong is to live a hard life. While Hong Kong permits asylum to around 10,000 refugees from all over the globe, it doesn’t actually provide for them once they are here. These asylum seekers fleeing dangerous conditions do not have the right to work and can remain in limbo, fighting to get by on an unjustifiably small stipend. Many of them resort to begging and live in makeshift shelters.

This picture of my friend and I ended up in a local news source
So what can we do about it? Support rallies organized by the Refugee Union, of course. I have volunteered with an organization called Vision First on Saturdays i…

Being 26 Is Weird

I’m too old to wear a crochet croptop and neon plastic sunglasses and sit on a guy’s shoulders at a music festival. I have actually looked around at a club and realized I was one of the oldest people there. At 26, I’m in between. I’m not a university student and I’m not inclined to do body shots and getting chased by the police doesn’t sound exciting anymore. I’m not fresh out of university, looking for a job and crashing with friends and living with shitty roommates. But I’m also not quite at that point where my friends are starting to pop out babies left and right and buy houses.

The way I spend my money is slowly evolving as well. Instead of torrenting like a bandit I am starting to shell out cash for media consumption(tv shows, music, ebooks), because I understand the feeling of really working for your money now. Sometimes when I travel, I even stay in hotels (gasp!) rather than hostels.

I hear 27 is a big year? That it’s a year when a lot of people begin to feel like a sophistica…

A Travel Poem; Or, Romance is Dead

Dorothy Parker is a damn inspiration. Her wit and charisma and astute observations withstand the passage of time, and I think young women today are still benefiting from her legacy. 

Of course, she was also a raging alcoholic with a pair of failed marriages and suicide attempts under her belt, but that's best swept under the rug of history along with the last Matrix movie. I used to write poetry when I was younger, and after reading the Dorothy Parker biography, 'What Fresh Hell Is This?' I came up with this little ditty.

On the road I am the best version of me
Smart, energetic, charming and free
This occasionally means finding people who agree
To every boy on the road; every fling that could be

A dash of giggles and a whole lotta glee
These flings have a lightness you seldom see
No repeatedly checking my caller id
The future matters to a much lesser degree

Remind me once more, is your name Lee?
Oh darling just forget it, dance with me
A hostel romance or a disco floor spree
For one ev…