A Travel Poem; Or, Romance is Dead

Dorothy Parker is a damn inspiration. Her wit and charisma and astute observations withstand the passage of time, and I think young women today are still benefiting from her legacy. 

Of course, she was also a raging alcoholic with a pair of failed marriages and suicide attempts under her belt, but that's best swept under the rug of history along with the last Matrix movie. I used to write poetry when I was younger, and after reading the Dorothy Parker biography, 'What Fresh Hell Is This?' I came up with this little ditty.

On the road I am the best version of me
Smart, energetic, charming and free
This occasionally means finding people who agree
To every boy on the road; every fling that could be

A dash of giggles and a whole lotta glee
These flings have a lightness you seldom see
No repeatedly checking my caller id
The future matters to a much lesser degree

Remind me once more, is your name Lee?
Oh darling just forget it, dance with me
A hostel romance or a disco floor spree
For one evening we matter like the global GDP

Your departure in the morning was so very early
I’ll miss you, I’ll write you, no need to worry
We’ll meet again, I promise, perhaps on the Black Sea
Wait a minute, who’s that new cutie.. no really, who is he?!


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