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My Yoga Studio

I began a regular yoga practice about a year and a half ago with a life-changing yoga retreat in the Philippines. This was a part of my healing process after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress after leaving Ecuador. Yoga remains a therapeutic part of my routine. After developing a home practice as part of the Yoga With Adriene online community, I decided to branch out and join a yoga studio in Hong Kong.

Isn't she just the coolest?!
Mostly for logistical reasons, I chose Pure Yoga. There is a branch 15 minutes from my house that I can walk to, they gave me a corporate discount, and the space actually has 5 studios, so that there are constantly classes running that work with my schedule. What became a practical decision far exceeded my expectations, and I now go to my yoga studio 3 or 4 times a week. It’s a big part of my life here in Hong Kong.

Some downsides? Yes, it seems expensive, but at $100 USD a month for unlimited classes, I definitely get my money’s worth. Classes …