Ubud Adventures

I still can't believe how quickly my five days in Ubud flew by. Ubud had quite the reputation to live up to, and not only did it exceed my expectations, but I was genuinely sad to leave! My days there were so jam packed with exploring and feasting and adventuring that I never even had time to take a yoga class, or sit in a coffee shop and fill out postcards, or see a Balinese dance performance, or check out any temples. There is just way too much to do in this incredible city.

A perfect Bali afternoon starts with a coffee at Seniman Coffee
 and ends with dinner across the street 
at Fair Warung Bale, a non-profit restaurant

Alchemy- a raw/vegan cafe and shop

I'd say this is a city to check out when you want to reboot and get your health in check. If you've considered a raw diet, or experimenting with yoga, or been wanting to try reiki or a colonic or buy a bunch of hippie pants, if you love organic locally-sourced coffee, or you just want to stare out at the rice-paddy fields and contemplate your existence, then Ubud is the place for you. My visit to Ubud began with a 30 kilometer downhill bike ride near Mount Batur.

This bike ride resulted in my epic farmer's tan
that I will now sport for the rest of winter

The whole region is very food conscious- vegan and raw restaurants are in abundance, as well as chocolate and coffee farms to visit. Most of the restaurants I went to in Ubud had some sort of view, of rice paddy fields or epic valleys or waterfall packed ravines. Bali is just stunning.

Old trees near the monkey forest

My days in Ubud were really action-packed- although I did manage to squeeze in a massage and a facial, of course! My heart was stolen by some critters in the monkey forest, and after randomly bumping into some friends on a path in the park, I was whisked away on a fun day trip of white water rafting.

I was SO SO SO excited about this monkey

That's me in the front about to get a wave in the face

For the last two nights in Ubud, I splurged and stayed at a resort called Bisma Eight. Oh. my. god. This was hands down, the nicest place I have ever stayed and probably ever will stay. I mean, where do I begin? The infinity pool? The rooftop terrace breakfast? The turn down service at night (who does that?!) My private hot tub? The chic coffee shop, stylish decor, and impeccable service were way too much for me to handle. I couldn't stop squealing in excitement, and it was really hard for me to leave the hotel after checking in. One night I did peel myself away to check out a night market in a neighboring town and eat some suckling pig in the street, only to find that bed time cookies had been left on my pillow for me by the hotel staff. Seriously!!

My garden suite at Bisma Eight

This pool. This life! 

I love Bali. So now what? Do I go back? I've got no April break or summer plans as of yet (although it's looking like I will be going to Nanjing AND Sri Lanka in February!) The eternal traveler dilemma- do you return to a place you know you love, or venture on to somewhere new and exciting and out of your comfort zone? Because surely Bali is in my comfort zone after this trip. It was easy to travel there, but I still got to squeeze in some adrenaline pumping cycling, rafting, and scuba diving. No matter what type of traveler you are, Bali has you covered. To my next travel destination: I challenge you to be half as perfect as Bali. Go on, I dare you!


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