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Exploring My City

Visitors can be exhausting. Playing tour guide can be a drag when you have work obligations and routines and everything goes out the window. You get home in the evening and just want to sink into the couch and watch Jessica Jones for the umpteenth time in your pjs.


Every once in awhile someone comes along that reinvigorates you and inspires you to get out there and explore, renewing a sense of pride in your city and lifestyle. Seeing Hong Kong through that lens confirms what I already know deep down but mostly take for granted- this is a special place. And my guest was a special person.

Day 1 in Hong Kong- The Udderbelly Festival!
Hiking on the beautiful Dragon's Back trail
A good friend from Chicago came to visit recently, and what I thought was going to a fun weekend showing him around turned into 18 days crawling into the underbelly of this eclectic city.

Chili crab in the night market
We ate all the dumplings and noodles we could get our hands on
Australian circus? check. 2 A…

Backpacking SE Asia: Highlights

When backpacking in South America, you can expect empanadas, perilous bus rides, and salsa dancing. SE Asia has a few of its own highlights that you are going to encounter whether you are in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, or Laos. Here's what you can expect if you are traveling in the region.

Street Noodles- The more street noodz the better, in my opinion.
Tuk Tuks- How many adults can you shove into one of these? Six.
Elephants- Please be careful that you are visiting elephant reserves that respect these majestic creatures and don't force them to perform/carry humans. There are options.
Temples- New or old, each one is completely unique.

Backpacking SE Asia: Our Route

I didn't really write too much about this on my blog, because it held such a sacred spot in my heart that I didn't want to share it and dilute the experience at all, but some months ago I backpacked SE Asia with some friends in what quickly became known as 'The Summer of Dong.' Geez, ya perv. Not literal dongs! Vietnamese dong, the currency.

The Dongers quickly settled into our rhythm as a traveling quintet, and I truly couldn't have asked for better travel buddies. We started in Hong Kong together, where we acquired some matching shirts for the trip, as one does. Then it was off to Bangkok! We pretty much just ate our way through this city, and didn't try to 'do' too much of anything. Our street noodle habit began in Bangkok, which would prove to be a hard habit to break.

We travel in style
Happily tricked into renting an overpriced private boat
From Bangkok we opted for an overnight train to Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. We had our hear…