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Water Activities in El Nido

Lest you think I succumbed to a beach stupor during the Chinese New Year holiday and accepted my fate to rot in the sand for a week in a pile of coconuts and rum, I am here to say that there is so much more to El Nido. In fact, if you are a more active beach-goer, there aren't many places I have been that top it. Unfortunately, all scuba diving shops were completely booked up because of the holiday, but my friends and I found loads of other activities to sign up for during our time in El Nido.

Then again, I could easily spend a week  lounging around in the sand...
Hands down my favorite activity of the week was Stand Up Paddleboarding. SUP! This was new to me, and despite falling on a pile of rocky coral and shredding my leg, was the most fun I had on this recent trip to El Nido. We found an expat Canadian couple located next to Happiness Cafe in Corong Corong beach that just began running day trips using local guides. Although they offer a few different tours, my friends and I chos…

Palawan Paradise

Every good vacation needs a balance between adventure and unwinding. El Nido, on Palawan Island in the Philippines, is a great place for finding that balance. While there are a lot of options for day trips and water sports and other activities, simply wandering up and down the beach can provide just as much entertainment.

Beach babes and travel buddies for CNY

Approaching our beach bungalow
Corong Corong beach was where my friends and I stayed recently for Chinese New Year holiday. It is about 10 minutes south of the actual El Nido town, or a 1 USD trike ride. This area is veerrryyy chilled out, and while it's not the most perfect white sand beach, the ruggedness felt more natural and undeveloped. Beach bungalows here were cheap and plentiful, although they are very local, which may not be for the weak of heart. My friends and I heard loud squeals one morning from our patio that went on for about ten minutes, only to stumble upon a pig roast that evening on the beach... Yes, the shr…

Outdoor Festivals in Hong Kong

I've written about Hong Kong's biggest music festival before. Clockenflap is a jam-packed party at the West Kowloon waterfront that brings in huge headliners as well as local talent. But it's not the only outdoor festival in Hong Kong! In a city this naturally lovely, it would be silly not to take advantage of the stunning scenery for a range of events. Here are a few I have really enjoyed:

Outlook Festival was held in north Ma On Shan in the fall. This featured many local bands, DJs, and artists, and definitely attracted some characters. By characters I mean people that were running around covered in glitter and sequins and clearly tripping balls. The location could not be beat- it was way out on a secluded piece of property in the middle of nowhere, so you felt like you were in on a secret.

Panoramic views at Outlook Festival
Beertopia is an annual craft beer festival on the Central waterfront. I love the atmosphere at this one- beer nerds from all over unite to sample and …