Outdoor Festivals in Hong Kong

I've written about Hong Kong's biggest music festival before. Clockenflap is a jam-packed party at the West Kowloon waterfront that brings in huge headliners as well as local talent. But it's not the only outdoor festival in Hong Kong! In a city this naturally lovely, it would be silly not to take advantage of the stunning scenery for a range of events. Here are a few I have really enjoyed:

Outlook Festival was held in north Ma On Shan in the fall. This featured many local bands, DJs, and artists, and definitely attracted some characters. By characters I mean people that were running around covered in glitter and sequins and clearly tripping balls. The location could not be beat- it was way out on a secluded piece of property in the middle of nowhere, so you felt like you were in on a secret.

Panoramic views at Outlook Festival

Beertopia is an annual craft beer festival on the Central waterfront. I love the atmosphere at this one- beer nerds from all over unite to sample and sip our way through as many beers as possible. There is a stage with fun acts to keep it lively, and you can buy a 5 or 10 beer pass. The food trucks here are slamming as well.

Temporary panda tattoos at Beertopia

Picnic in the Park in Discovery Bay is a more low-key event, but still energetic with a lot of variety. There are a couple different stages, although some more local acts like little kids from a dance studio might not interest everyone. But it's always nice to be able to sit outdoors on a blanket with friends, especially with fog covered mountains in the background!

Food stalls at Picnic in the Park

Finally, this isn't really a festival, but if you want to chill with your friends outdoors, the horse races at Happy Valley on Wednesday evenings have an energy that can't be beat. Every half hour the siren rings and the horses take off, and in between races jovial betting crowds yell and dance and crush beers. This is one of my favorite activities for people watching in Hong Kong, and it happens weekly, so you will have many opportunities to check it out.

The stadium at Happy Valley Racecourse


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