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Some Stuff to Share

In February I went to Nanjing and the Philippines, in March I went to Malaysia and Thailand, and in April I already went to Taiwan but I am leaving for Beijing tomorrow. So my travel schedule is pretty crazy, obviously. Before I can sit down and sort through all of my photos and thoughts and memories and try to string them together in some semblance of order for this blog, I figured I'd share some stuff I made recently.

Firstly is a compilation I made for my friend Joep, who moved to London last month. This is pretty much our whole gang in Hong Kong and it took me awhile to compile all this footage and put this video together.

ALSO! I've been recording ukulele stuff. Like taking it up a notch with loops and special effects and layering and harmonizing with myself and having a blast messing around with Garageband. If you want to check it out, here is my soundcloud account where I have been uploading some covers and some original stuff (much more to come on this front...)

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