Bloody Blistering Beach Break

For our first weekend back in Hong Kong, my friends and I decided to hike out to Tai Long Wan. Sure, it was a hot weather warning (95 degrees!!) but it's only a 45 minute hike down a hill to the first beach, and then another 30 minutes to the second beach, right? WRONG. Due to a landslide blocking taxis from dropping us off at the start of the trail, we added another hour and a half to our hike.

Not a bad view from the trail!

This hike was really beautiful, and despite our crackling skin and parched mouths, we were in good spirits because we knew what was waiting for us at the end of the trail. After reaching Sai Wan beach and chugging some cold sodas, we ventured off to the Sheung Luk waterfalls. This was my first time visiting! It was like a cool oasis just begging to be jumped in. Of course I had to scramble up to the top and jump off the highest rock I could find.

Imagine this waiting for you at the end of a scorching hot hike

Finally arriving at the natural pools of Sheung Luk

That would be me jumping off a rock

Then we had an afternoon of laying in the sand, bobbing around in the water, and crushing some Tsing Taos and seafood and noodles right on the beach. The boat ride home was gorgeous enough to remind me that I need to get outdoors more here in Hong Kong. I can't spend every weekend cooped up reading old Brian K. Vaughan comics in the library, although it is a good alternative.

Ham Tin beach with a random man seemingly posing for me

The boat ride home from Ham Tin beach can be booked 
on Sai Kung pier or directly on the beach itself


  1. You trying to give me a heart attack with that jump!


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