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My First Cat Cafe

Heart set on shopping for some of that particular Korean style sensibility, we headed for Myeong-dong district in Seoul. But something caught my eye! 'CAT CAFE!' I yelled and pointed! And indeed, it was. A coffee shop overflowing with kitties of all shapes and sizes. Not for the allergic or immune to cuteness, we ended up spending a good portion of the afternoon in Goyangi Noriteo Cat Cafe.

Stylish kitty at the Cat Cafe
Everywhere you look, a cat
Upon walking in to Goyangi Noriteo, a giant fluffball greeted us by snorting in our direction and informing us of its presence with a huff. There was a wall identifying each of the cats, including those that were out of commission due to 'business matters.' Some of the cats frolicked around with lacy collars as if out of a Shakespearan sonnet, others hid in various boxes, tunnels, or corners, just out of reach of the enthusiastic children manhandling the cats with a bit too much gusto.

The first thing you see upon entering
Sadly d…

Seoul Sisters

For the long weekend of the mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong, I ended up in Seoul with a couple girlfriends. The trip was haphazardly planned in a way, one friend booked flights, a couple of us booked different hotels figuring we could cancel the rejects last minute, and we had a shared Google Doc where we threw up information about stuff that interested us in the city. In the end though, we followed our gut each day (especially to find some tasty eats), and didn't ultimately rely on set plans or reservations at all.

Korean banchan breakfast
Our first Korean bbq meal
Street snacks in Myeong-dong
More grilled meats mmmm
Seoul was stylish in a completely different way from Hong Kong or Singapore or any other big, relatively wealthy Asian city that I have been to. And affordable! The receipt for cocktails in a fancy lounge one night surprised us as we had expected to pay Hong Kong rates. Food and fashion were cheaper as well. I ended up coming home with extra cash in my pocket, which is …

My 5 Days in Singapore

Hong Kong expats have some weird beef with Singaporean expats, so I'd heard a lot about the city before visiting. I heard Singapore was similar to Hong Kong, but more sterile. Less gritty, more clean, more regulated, even more wealthy and expensive, possibly more boring. And while there was a grain of truth to some of what I'd heard, for the most part, Singapore blew me away. I was there for 5 days and wanted to stay longer.

Our hotel's rooftop pool in the heart of downtown
Street art abounds in Singapore
Crazy sweet potato tea at a Korean cafe
The timing of my trip probably helped. There were multiple arts festivals going on and the weather was lovely for the most part. People were outside eating, listening to music, eating, strolling along the promenades, and eating. See a pattern here? Yes, most of my trip to Singapore revolved around, you guessed it... EATING!

Best bowl of laksa right on the beach
We sucked these fish bones dry
Not totally sure what we were eating here, but i…