My First Cat Cafe

Heart set on shopping for some of that particular Korean style sensibility, we headed for Myeong-dong district in Seoul. But something caught my eye! 'CAT CAFE!' I yelled and pointed! And indeed, it was. A coffee shop overflowing with kitties of all shapes and sizes. Not for the allergic or immune to cuteness, we ended up spending a good portion of the afternoon in Goyangi Noriteo Cat Cafe.

Stylish kitty at the Cat Cafe

Everywhere you look, a cat

Upon walking in to Goyangi Noriteo, a giant fluffball greeted us by snorting in our direction and informing us of its presence with a huff. There was a wall identifying each of the cats, including those that were out of commission due to 'business matters.' Some of the cats frolicked around with lacy collars as if out of a Shakespearan sonnet, others hid in various boxes, tunnels, or corners, just out of reach of the enthusiastic children manhandling the cats with a bit too much gusto.

The first thing you see upon entering

Sadly didn't get to meet this guy as he was very busy

Sure, they serve typical cafe fair. Iced teas, cappucinos, etc. That's irrelevant, though. Because here you have a cat's playground open to the public where most of your time will be happily spent cuddling and playing rather than sipping or nibbling.

Hidden cat's tail gave him away

Looking up towards the ceiling

Cat cafes have quite the reputation all over Asia, but this was my first experience seeing as I am allergic to cat dander and never wanted to risk imminent hives. I had taken an antihistamine that morning and was feeling of a strong disposition though, and this opportunity just seemed to fall in our laps.

Cats, cats, everywhere!

This cat is expressing his dominance over the cleaning supplies

The cats were definitely well cared for and happy at this particular cat cafe. Toys and catnip were abundant, and the kitty playgrounds sprawled from the floor to the ceiling. They perched on shelves, on refrigerators, on humans, where ever they felt like it, really. Playful, sleepy, or affectionate, there were options for every type of cat imaginable, and I couldn't help but sing, 'jellicles can and jellicles do, jellicles do and jellicles can...' as if T.S. Eliot had written Cats about that very cafe.

Magical Mister Mistoffelees?


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