My 5 Days in Singapore

Hong Kong expats have some weird beef with Singaporean expats, so I'd heard a lot about the city before visiting. I heard Singapore was similar to Hong Kong, but more sterile. Less gritty, more clean, more regulated, even more wealthy and expensive, possibly more boring. And while there was a grain of truth to some of what I'd heard, for the most part, Singapore blew me away. I was there for 5 days and wanted to stay longer.

Our hotel's rooftop pool in the heart of downtown

Street art abounds in Singapore

Crazy sweet potato tea at a Korean cafe

The timing of my trip probably helped. There were multiple arts festivals going on and the weather was lovely for the most part. People were outside eating, listening to music, eating, strolling along the promenades, and eating. See a pattern here? Yes, most of my trip to Singapore revolved around, you guessed it... EATING!

Best bowl of laksa right on the beach

We sucked these fish bones dry

Not totally sure what we were eating here,
but it was delicious.

Ugggghhhh Singaporean food is so damn good. There's killer Indian grub, Malaysian dishes packed with flavor, Chinese dishes to rival Hong Kong, and local Singaporean specialities like chili crab. You can eat in hawker markets or upscale restaurants, drink on rooftop gardens or hidden prohibition bars.

Roast goose, duck, and glazed pork over rice

Insanely delicious crab dish

My favorite neighborhood by far was Tiong Bahru. I had a moment there, sitting in an artsy cafe, where it dawned on me, 'I could live here.' That's such a comforting feeling on the road, that reminder that you could land on your feet anywhere. Tiong Bahru had a vibe that felt familiar, and I spent an afternoon snacking my way through the area, popping into different little shops and parks.

Bincho is a speakeasy bar in Tiong Bahru

Damn delicious cocktails at Bincho

There is a flashy side to Singapore as well, and we made sure to check out the Marina Bay Sands area with the adjacent botanical gardens. I went into it thinking it was an overrated building and there are gardens everywhere and it's probably too damn hot to be exploring outside, but in the end, the area throughly impressed me. The curvature of the hotel looks crazy from the inside, and the gardens are lush and sprawling, a welcome respite from the city heat.

Botanical Gardens in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, up close and personal

There were so many other neighborhoods I loved in Singapore. The whole area around East Coast Park, Little India, Chinatown, I feel like I could go back and keep exploring and still not see everything Singapore has to offer. We stayed at the Sofitel downtown, which is pricey but soooooo worth every penny. Cheaper guesthouses and hostels in Myanmar and rustic bungalows in Thailand helped me justify this splurge. Singapore is the perfect city for a weekend getaway, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Views on the waterfront are gorgeous 
no matter where you are standing


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