Appreciating the Present

I am eternally nostalgic. In each stage of my life, I’ve longed for the past. When I went to university, I missed my friends from home something fierce. I missed our philosophical conversations, our adventures, and our deep connection. Then I moved to Ecuador, and spent my two years there missing my friends from university. No one would be able to fill the hole in my heart from missing the people who were there for me in my first years of independence. Then I moved to Hong Kong, and quickly realized how much I missed my expat family in Ecuador. Wow, had I taken them for granted. Some of those connections ran much deeper than I had ever acknowledged.

Friends at my talent show birthday party

With neighborhood buddies at the Second Draft Bar in Tai Hang

Friends taking turns with the silly red bucket hat 
from my frock swap last year

So I reflect and I learn and I grow. I am surrounded by way too many wonderful people here, more so than I probably deserve. These are people who accept me, who hop on a plane with me, and who support me when I’m at my worst and encourage me when I’m at my best. I have been so lucky to find my tribe in Hong Kong. I love our Sunday dinners, our trips abroad, our game nights at home. The goofiness that came out at the talent show I held for my birthday, the passion we share for teaching, and the day long boozy brunches we indulge in from time to time. Yessiree, I’m a lucky lady. 

Halloween as...

Food market feast with friends in North Point

Matching Halloween costumes with my awesome work team

Hong Kong is a big city, and that can feel lonesome at times. There are nights when everyone I know is otherwise engaged, but that’s because we are adults with full lives. Largely because of work, but also because of some happenstance encounters around Asia, I’ve been able to build a network of people I really care about here. I’m grateful for that, and even at my most homesick, I know I have friends I can turn to and feel right at home.

Da Slayin' Club at our usual haunt- Posto Pubblico

Girls night out in Wan Chai

Ladies at the Causeway Bay Wine Walk

**Holy Moly gotta mention- this is my 300th post!! Been going 7 years and strong on this blog, and I still love sharing my stories.


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