Winter is Coming

It has been a full year since I have been back to the States! This is the longest I have gone away from home. Can't believe I haven't seen my brothers, my parents, my old ladies, or my friends in that amount of time. I also haven't driven a car in a year. Yikes! Winter break in Florida is always special- where else can you find pink flamingos wearing Santa hats?

Sibling stockings for a Florida Christmas

Nick and I and our matching hedgehog sweaters

Besides the people, there are some things I really miss that mostly revolve around food. I want to go to World of Beer with my dad, and cook healthy meals with my mom, and have my Aunt Edith's Italian peppers and sausage. I'm sure my brothers and I will go see some blockbuster movie together (last year was Star Wars), and my friends and I will have at least one beach day. I want time on a patio listening to palm trees rustling, and the salty smell of the coast.

Will my people even recognize me? My hair has grown a lot since the last time I was home, as well as my ukulele skills. Here's my latest progress on that front:

Anyways, can't wait to be back home. I told my mom I'm walking straight off the plane and into a deli.


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