Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year is always a fun holiday in Hong Kong. Last year I went away to the Philippines for the break, but this year I decided to stay and take advantage of the festivities happening on my doorstep. The Year of the Rooster is in full swing here in Hong Kong, and they certainly rang in the new year with quite a party.

People decorate the doors to their flats for the occasion

The temple near my house is packed during CNY holiday

A group of my students also asked me to lunch over the Chinese New Year holiday, which I thought was super sweet. They took me a Chinese yum cha place, and one of them was genuinely surprised that I knew how to use chopsticks. Ha!

With my students during CNY

Living in a city I don't feel the need to escape from is such a big change from Quito. It was a rare long weekend when I chose to stay in Quito- most of the time I hopped on a bus to the cloud forest or Andes instead. But I love Hong Kong so much, and we have such a variety of options for exploring within the city limits, that I rarely feel the need to get out.

Red lanterns are everywhere in the city this time of year
...and all the times

Watching the CNY fireworks from my friend's rooftop


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