Day Trips in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the perfect city for exploring on the weekends. Yes, sometimes I want to sink into my couch to mentally recover from a hectic work week, but most of the time, I want to get out and poke around a new area. Hong Kong has it all for the intrepid urbanite: dizzying heights, remote islands, run down warehouses, and lush green trails.

Easy and scenic walk from Ocean Park to Stanley

Recently, I've gone on two fun day trips that I wish I would have done sooner. First up was a leisurely stroll with friends from the Hong Kong Country Club down to Stanley, passing through both Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. It starts off on the Mills & Chung Path, which is a lovely waterfront promenade, and ends with a trail through the woods that drops you in Stanley for some afternoon drinks and snacks.

On the stretch from Ocean Park to Deep Water Bay

The view from the path

We stopped a couple times along the way on this trip and really took our time, but it could be done in about an hour and a half. If you want to spend some time at any of the beaches and then pass the evening wandering around Stanley, that's a great way to kill a day as well.

 Stumbled upon this beach temple

Beach temple on the south end of Repulse Bay

This weekend, I took the ferry from Central to a new island for me- Ma Wan. Having heard rumors about an abandoned village there, I went with a friend to find this elusive ghost town. Seeing as it's an island, there are loads of lookout points, piers, small beaches, and docks to hang out at once you arrive on Ma Wan. At first Ma Wan was overwhelmingly suburban and kinda bleh, but after some minor trespassing, we ended up in a creepy wooded area that was much more interesting.

Waterfront views all over the island of Ma Wan

Ah yes, this must be the place

Eventually we stumbled upon one abandoned building, and following a nearby path, the whole town! Ma Wan definitely delivered the zombie vibe I was hoping for. Bathtubs overgrown with vines, crumbling stairwells, childhood drawings left behind; some houses look like the occupants vanished overnight. A lot of the buildings had fences around them, but these seemed like more of a suggestion.

I probably should not be here

 Or here

Or here

As a city that is plunging ahead into the future at an alarming rate, Hong Kong is constantly changing. It's practically begging to be explored and appreciated, and I feel lucky to live in such an exciting place. If you find yourself in the city, take advantage! There is so much more to Hong Kong than just drinks in Lan Kwai Fong.


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