WTF Wednesday

I used to do WTF Wednesday posts regularly when I lived in Ecuador, but didn't always find the inspiration living in Hong Kong. However, I've recently come across some questionable scenes in my city that I wanted to point out.

Every piece of produce is individually wrapped 
in plastic in Hong Kong grocery stores

Historic building in my neighborhood taken over by a salon,
immediately painted Pepto Bismol pink

Old ladies bundled up when it was 63 degrees out-
I repeat: 63 degrees.

Old ladies who curse your 'villains' for a small fee

Old lady pushing her dog in a stroller

Apparently the majority of these 'wtf' moments involve old ladies. Is it because the old ladies in Hong Kong have so much time on their hands? They basically live forever, so maybe the age of retirement should be bumped up a bit? My old lady relatives in Florida just sit in their rocking chairs watching their 'programs', so I guess it's good at least that the old ladies of Hong Kong are getting out there and staying active, as bizarre as their behavior may seem to me.


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