Cuban City Life

Cuba has so many cities to explore, so if you are going to Cuba, make sure to visit more than just Havana! On our last day there, my friends and I did a little roundtable sharing about our favorite memories from the trip, and certain moments in Viñales and Trinidad kept coming up. The town of Santa Clara is all packed full of museums and colonial architecture to check out.

Expect live music where ever you go, as well as people hanging out in the streets. You can stop and make friends with a local very easily in any Cuban city. Everything was super walkable, and there are plenty of museums and cafes to keep you busy for days on end.

Trinidad is a picturesque little town

Trinidad could easily be mistaken for Antigua, Guatemala

How did we always snag a rooftop terrace at every AirBnB?

Of course no visit to Cuba is complete with a good chunk of time to meander the streets of Havana, and whoa was I blown away and surprised by the beauty of the place. We found underground jazz clubs, bunker art galleries, crumbling colonial beauty, waterfront beer halls, and funky art districts. I could have spent another week here and probably still not run out of stuff to do.

Sunset at an Iranian restaurant in Vedado

In El Callejon de Hamel, an art-district near Vedado

Lunch at 304 O'Reilly (the address) in Havana

Making a face in Havana Vieja

I have to add that most of the activities we did in Cuba are inaccessible to locals due to the dual currencies and their meager earnings. This never really sat right with me. For a more in-depth look at the socialist system in Cuba, check out my article here.


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