Exploring Mexico City

There is so much to do in and around Mexico City that I know I am going to need to go back, despite having spent a week there over spring break. Mostly I just popped headphones in, tuned into a podcast, and walked (S-Town, anyone?!). My friends did show me around to some really cool stuff as well that I thought I would share here.

This is a borough full of canals for fun boat rides. You can load up on crazy micheladas before you take off, but since I am off booze, I stuck with bottled water and it was still a ton of fun.

View from the water around sunset

Drink topping selections

View of the boats

La Condesa/Roma
These are the neighborhoods where most of my friends live, and we had a nice weekend to explore, getting afternoon coffees in courtyard garden cafes, eating churros in the park, and digging around old bookstores.

Italian munchies in Mexico City's Roma neighborhood

Snacking in a park in Roma

At the churro shop with our nitrox coffees

Literal rainbows and sunshine

Centro Historico
I booked myself a couple nights at Chaya B&B in the historic center and didn't regret it at all. This area was so beautiful and different from anything else I saw in Mexico City.

View from Chaya's rooftop

Army marching near the Zocalo

Grand architecture in El Centro

I wish I had more time in Coyoacan! I spent a morning here because it is home to the Frida Kahlo museum, or Casa Azul. The whole area is super cute though, not just that one museum.

Such an honor to visit the Casa Azul!!


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