Roadtrippin' Cuba Style

When I arrived at the Havana airport late Friday night, my AirBnB host had arranged for a driver named Henri to pick up my group of friends from the airport. We stuck with him for all of our driving needs for the next week! Henri drove us all over the country- from Havana to Viñales, Trinidad, and Santa Clara, and back to Havana again. And I think this is the best way to go. Rather than booking seats on buses, we stayed loyal to our driver, and he catered the routes to our schedules and hunger pangs.

With our driver Henri- he was the best!

Henri took us to a little paladar where 
we feasted on fresh fish and yams

The old cars were super comfortable and had big spacious back seats to sprawl out in and get cozy.
I would recommend bringing an auxiliary cable if you want to play your own music, because usb cables did not seem to work with their sound systems. Otherwise it might be 6 straight hours of reggaeton or Marc Anthony (which I'm frankly ok with). Snacks were a bit hard to come across given the severe lack of convenience stores but we managed to find fruit and sodas along the way to keep us going.

Our cars lining the highway at a rest stop

Long drive from Viñales to Trinidad

Everything is Cuba is about who you know- so just ask your AirBnB host if they know a driver and they will certainly hook you up. In fact, Cubans value the opportunity to bring business to their friends and neighbors, so not much has to be booked in advance. Once you arrive and meet a few people, they'll get you sorted for the rest of your time in Cuba and take care of you.

Photo taken by my friend Greg

My Tesla Uber when I returned to Hong Kong was a bit of a jarring experience. It felt like I was in a futuristic spaceship after driving around in all of these 1950's tanks in Cuba!

For a more in-depth look at the socialist system in Cuba, check out my article here.


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