Hong Kong Theme Parks

I've gone to the two big theme parks in Hong Kong with my friend Scott in the last couple of years, and I'm going to break down the experience for you.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland: I'd say only go here if you are a Hong Konger. For someone visiting, there is way too much cool shit to do around the city to spend a day at the tiniest Disneyland ever. Although, maybe if you have a family it might be different. It was a lovely day, and just as magical as other Disney parks, but coming from Florida it just didn't compare. There were no big roller coasters! The Disney parade, Mad Hatter teacups, and It's a Small World rides are all classics, though.

2. Ocean Park: Now this theme park is worth a visit, maybe just for the views. Part aquarium/part classic theme park, this adventure land is built into a mountain top and is straight up epic. Massive aquariums full of penguins, sharks, jellyfish, sea lions, and rays are dispersed amongst a range of thrilling roller coasters, so I found this to park to be a great time. Now that the South Island MTR line is open, it is really easy to get to from Central as well.

Hong Kong has 7 million people and only two big theme parks, so they are insanely crowded on the weekends. I'd suggest going on a weekday in the winter, because Hong Kong also happens to have bitching hot summers. You can take the MTR to either theme park, but of the two, I'd pick Ocean Park for the sea creatures and rides any day.


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