This was a list I created in 2013, which I can safely say now in 2017 I completed and then some. I didn't document everything, but going through the list, I pretty much stuck to all of this except the dance studio membership when I switched to a yoga studio, and I have yet to visit Ocean Park. Go me?

Maintain dance studio membership
Explore Temple Street Market
Visit 5 city parks
     Kowloon Park
Visit 5 markets in the city
     Upper Lascar Row
Attend a wine tasting
     Flying Winemaker's Dim Sum Wine Tasting
Find a comic book shop
Check out the Big Buddha
See both a live music show and a live dance event
     The Red Stripes
Watch 5 documentaries
     Miss Representation
     Man on Wire
Watch 5 foreign films
     Blue is the Warmest Color
     The Broken Circle Breakdown
Continue to sponsor a child through Children International
Climb The Peak once a month
Go to a museum or art gallery
     Asia Society Light and Shadows Exhibit
Visit Ocean Park and Disney

Write 'appreciations' in my journal weekly
Read two books a month
Stick to my weekly budget
Give someone flowers
Wear sunscreen every day
Exercise every week
Be in bed before 10:30 on school nights
Drink more water every day
Avoid American fast food
Buy a space heater for crying out loud!
Skype with loved ones twice a month
Splurge on a special treat I really can't afford
Avoid temptation to reactivate my Facebook account

Try cooking 5 new vegan recipes
     Lentil cabbage stew
Eat at 5 vegetarian restaurants
     Loving Hut
Host 3 dinner parties
     Birthday dinner
Try a weird and icky food dish
     Smelly tofu!
Eat dai pai dong
Attend a picnic
Master cooking one Cantonese dish
Find a steady supply of sunflower seeds in Hong Kong

Utilize reusable water bottle
Turn off outlets unless actively using them
Skip tampons/pads for menstrual cups/cloths
Unplug computer every night before bed
Bring cloth bags to the grocery store

Visit 3 other countries in Asia
Explore 5 beaches in Hong Kong
     Repulse Bay
     Shek O
     Sai Kung
     Lo So Shing
     Chung Hom Kok
Try out 5 hiking trails in Hong Kong
     Dragon's Back
     Tai Long Wan
     The Peak
     Lamma Island
Host 3 travelers (couchsurfers, visitors, etc.)
Visit friends in 3 different places
Go home and spend time with family at least once
Participate in an adventure sport
     Abseiling on Tung Lung Island


  1. Now that you are down to your last few months in S.A., do you think you will complete this list?

    1. Most likely not The Sopranos, Ciclopaseo, or soccer games, to be honest.

  2. You are a special person even though I cannot tell what force moves you. I admire your courage and wish you well in all your adventures. You will forgive me if I steal some of your to do lists. I shall be in Quito for a week as of tomorrow and may well decide to reside there. Try to do some things spontaneously sometimes - that is to say: listen to your inner voice in the present. Who knows?
    Be well and be happy

    Antonio Fiorentino Di Stefano

  3. I really like this McKenzie! I hope you keep up the blog,
    you can find Poutine there
    It's possible to swim across the channel there once a year, you should do it.
    The trip advisor walking tour app maps for you phone of HK are great.
    Stay in the Chong King Mansion ! not so scary now.

    more later...

  4. I'm going to do at least 10 of these with you this summer. So excited for these two: Try a weird and icky food dish, and eat dai pai dong. (I have absolutely no idea what that is, but we are eating it!) Can't wait.

  5. Ms. Day, you're so awesome. I hope its not weird that a student stumbled across your blog, but its its so amazing to see a different side to you. Sometimes, students often neglect the fact that teachers live their own lives outside of work; we forget that they can be fun and quirky too. I truly reminisce humanities with you!


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